Wednesday, March 08, 2006

30 Foot Mound (TM)

Top of the mound, looking southeast…

It’s a big pyramid sort of a thing that seems even larger than it is when you stand at the top. It’s built on the hillside and seems entirely too much work for a farmer to waste his time building. A person would have to climb the thing to add stones.

The mound in the distance looking northeast; the person to the left is standing on the big boulder that is at the western point of the mound. There is a cornfield above the mound (40-50 feet away) with thrown stones all along its edge.

And there's this apple tree: it’s to the east, unlike the other apples in the area that are to the west of stones that resemble the marker stones at the Schagticoke Reservation Cemetery. West toward the sunset, toward the “Path” Herman Bender writes about.

And a closer view of the west boulder. There are three others of similar size at cardinal points also.

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