Friday, March 17, 2006

A note from James Gage

Hi Peter,
February 24, 2006 you posted a quote provided by Tim MacSweeney from History of Ancient Woodbury, Connecticut (pp.884-885). The quote references "Pomperaug's Grave" which is discussed and shown in a woodcut on pp 881. It is likewise a rock pile or cairn. A link to page 881 is provided below. The discussion continues on pp. 882 and the author notes "These stones, thus accumulated, were of many variaties, a large number of them not to be found in this valley, nor within long distances, shown clearly, that there was purpose in their accumulation and verifying the `traditions of the elders,' that they were gathered there as a monument of respect and honor to a buired chieftain.";cc=moa;q1=pomperaug%20s;rgn=full%20text;idno=apg3269.0002.001;didno=apg3269.0002.001;view=image;seq=00000060

James Gage

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