Sunday, March 19, 2006

Odds and Ends from Dunstable, MA

I wanted to get further away from the usual haunts and picked Dunstable which is up against the NH border. Unfortunately the walk I planned did not result in my finding much in the way of rock piles. I saw more next to the road on the way there.

Here are some fields-grown-back-to-woods piles from Rt 113; south side of the road. The first one is interesting because it incorporates a piece of broken rusted metal and directly behind it was a rock pile, or rocks in a crevise, which looked like they were excavated recently . I suppose someone did dig it out for some reason, and tossed that bit of metal aside - where it landed on the pile. I only saw two piles here.
Then we continued south on Westford Rd till it right-angles left and parked and headed into the woods. Saw surprisingly little. Just one possible pile on a hilltop:
So with no new sites to report for this weekend the blog posting will be light next week.

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