Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Near Cooleyville Rd and Rt 202 New Salem MA

As we continued along south on Rt 202 I noticed a site on the east side of the road. It was on a steeper slope and I could see already from the car that the piles looked equal sized, evenly spaced, and (probably) placed in lines as with a standard "marker pile" site. In the above panorama photo the piles are disappointingly difficult to see in the dead leaves. There are probably about 15 piles in this photo. Maybe 30 overall at the site. Uphill we are facing south east but the only view would be high in the sky against a near horizon. Notice the small gully running down the center of the photo. Bruce said that everything was about gullys on this trip. It is true, everything we saw was next to a brook cutting into the landscape.

Here are a couple of the individual piles.
We have seen sites like this before and in better repair. Is this the same culture as made the piles near Moosehorn Rd?

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