Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Fort Ninigret - Charlestown, RI (from Tim MacSweeney)

Here’s a scan of a pile of stones actually sort of under a rather testudinate boulder, over four feet high, at the place known as “Fort Ninigret:”It’s a cautionary tale too; I had my camera in one hand, picked up what looked like a hand ax with the other and brushed that Poison Ivy as I did. Turns out this is the place where the most potent Poison Ivy in the world grows, protecting this site from people like me who pick up stones even when they should know better.
In seconds my hand began to blister – I ran to the stone lined spring by the pond because it’s hidden by Jewel Weed – the antidote for fresh Poison Ivy. I crushed some stems and held them to my burning skin. I still got some blisters anyway.

I did a Google Image search and found this old photo that shows the Boulder and what was once a large number of stones surrounding it :

[Words underneath photo read: "Outline of Fort Ninigret is characterized by five sided bastions on three corners 146"]
From: pilgrim_chapter_10.htm
See also: SaltPond/sphist9.htm
and ../fortninif.htm

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