Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Cadwell Memorial Forest in Pelham MA

Cadwell Memorial Forest is in Pelham Mass. Click on the link to see the UMass report that led Bruce to this woods. I have to admit that since I was more or less out of "film"before getting there and because these sites were in the heavy bushes, I was left with less of an impression. I remember mostly low ground piles and a few scenes of beautiful piles underneath the mountain laurels.
These three pictures are from a group of piles deep in the woods. They were all made of broken fragments of a nice smooth grey material like a gneiss. To get to them we parked off Parkerville Rd and walked north along a forest Rd. These were right on the trail and, in fact, this is a mountain laurel woodland and you cannot stray safely from the path so everything we saw was along the trail.
This is one more beauty from in there. I thought this pile was great. It was in a different cluster of piles. Bruce noticed that at each cluster was next to a gully of some sort. He said that everything was about gully's.

But all in all the whirlwind does not leave time for reflection. I was tiring out and it was a long walk.
After a while we got back out to the road and the car. Regretfully, I still had 8 pictures left in the camera since I was being so stingey in there. As it turned out there was somewhere else to check and I used those pictures there. I'll save them for tomorrow.


pwax said...

Re Bruce's remark about gullys: I think it is interesting to compare these sites from the field trip with the gully side piles I saw in the last couple of weeks. There was that big one from Fielding Farm Rd in Carlisle and that small one I found up on the radio tower hill in Andover.

pwax said...

Also comment that cleaning a rock pile spoils the photo - look at those ugly dark brown places where I cleaned off the leaves. Alternatively if you have time and clean it more thoroughly, it looks OK after the next rain.