Sunday, March 12, 2006

Snake Meadow Hill - site 3

Here is a map fragment. The Introduction to this hill is several posts earlier, maybe it is best to read in chronological order starting from the earlier post.
Well contented with my finds for the day I was heading back out towards my car, walking south along a dirt road which is probably Cowdry Hill Rd on the map. The first half of the walk I did not find anything except the rubble of quarry operations. The second half of the walk it seemed that I could not stop finding things. So I am walking along and see what looks like a larger rock through the bushes and trees. So I bend down to try to get a better angle for seeing the top of the rock and see what kind-of look like shadows as if from cobbles on top of the rock. Can't be sure, so I scrambled over there.
What a magnificent pile. Note the possible pointer rock on top. A few feet downslope was a huge boulder built into the stone wall. Adjacent to this pointer pile was another couple of structures - both tumbled down. Here is one.
And there was another large rock with remnants of a prayer seat about its base, and some rocks on top.
Actually the "prayer seat" might well just be formed by rocks falling off the top of the support boulder.

Three different kinds of site on the northwest side of Snake Meadow Hill. Who will ever go back?

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pwax said...

Where these sites are located, namely on the northwest side of the hill where the hill meets the water, re-enforces the idea that this is where to look for rock pile sites in general.