Sunday, March 12, 2006

Snake Meadow Hill - Site 1 continued

The site seemed to end where I arrived at a small brook running down the hill in a small gully. There were three rock piles, one still standing, which were placed along this little brook a few yards from each other. This is not a "brookside" site in the usual sense, and I think this pile is unique in my experience: a little castle by the brook. I am standing on the other side of the brook to take this picture:
I am sorry to have failed to photo it, but to the right of this picture, the pile tapers off and winds into a single line of cobbles along the edge of the brook.

Here is a second of the three piles there.
This one is broken down. You can see the size of the brook as it passes. Maybe this should be called a "rill" rather than a brook. In any case, I never saw a site just like this before. The smaller piles diagonaling down the side of the hill to this point seemed sort or marker pile like but these "rillside" piles are something different.

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pwax said...

I grew up in woods a little like this but without rock piles as I recall. The amazing thing is to see this woodland with these man-made constructions - so much right under our noses.