Thursday, March 30, 2006

Faint traces northeast of Radio Tower Hill Summit, Andover

I took a lunchtime walk with a colleague and we went back to the hilltop where, a week ago, we found a small gully site with a platform pile on the southwestern side of the summit. This is radio tower hill. Today we went down and around the west side and circled around to the north, down into a valley where one of the main brooks starts. There are always faint traces, like a wedged rock:or a rock-on-rock:
Then we climbed the hill to a slight lower northeastern summit and saw rock piles integrated into a stone wall. Just dumps from a farmer preparing for a better wall? Or just the downhill side refuse that has been scraped off the more plowable land on the little summit? Most of the piles were in line with a trace of a stone wall. But one or two were not on the line. Are they something else? This one had one piece of quartz at one end, was a well-defined oval and was out of line with the trace of wall. If the wall was not there I would have taken this for a legitimate rock pile.

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