Monday, March 20, 2006

Oley Hills, Part One

By Geophile

I am fortunate to have been to the Oley Hills site a couple times with the people who showed it to me. It seems to me that anyone interested in the things on this rock pile blog might be interested to see pictures of some of the elements at the Oley Hills site. For the best work on the Oley Hills site, see Norman Muller's pieces, here and here.

For those who don't know, the site is located in Berks County, Pennsylvania, and is on private property. It really ought to be a world heritage site, but for now we just hope it doesn't get bulldozed.

Interesting rock piles and other elements go on for miles in the woods on either side of the main site. Although they are miles away, two jasper quarries nearby may be part of why this is a ritual site.

From a hill above the town where I live, one can see out toward Oley Hills in one direction and to Delaware Water Gap, another site connected with Lenape story and ritual, in the other direction. If there was any use of beacon fires, communication could theoretically have taken place between the sites.

I have a lot of pictures and will spread them out over a few posts this week.

These pictures show a huge rock pile on a boulder, another rock pile on a boulder, linked by a wall, a wall built over a boulder (The youth is Eric's and my son Jonas when he was 15 or 16), and two views of a beautiful rock pile that epitomises the artistry of Oley Hills.


Geophile said...
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Geophile said...

For scale in the top picture, note the person standing off to the left.

Unknown said...

They belonged to the giants,the red headed giants..