Saturday, March 18, 2006

Tripod Rock NJ

An archeologist takes a look and concludes these things were built by Celts and Fur Traders. [Click here] The anti-Indian bias appears to still be alive and well. The argument is: Indians were busy hunting and would have no reason to construct perched boulders or solstice alignments.

A new age author takes a look and comes to no particular conclusion
[Click here]


pwax said...

You can tell I am not very sympathetic to archeologists. I'll add something more: when they finally do start acknowledging Native American stone work, most of them will conveniently forget that amateurs have been studying this for decades.

Institute for Megalithic Research said...

(Morris County, New Jersey, c.1900 BC)

Dr. R.M. de Jonge ©,

The Tripod Rock site at Montville Township, New Jersey, consists of a man-made dolmen with a huge capstone, two big Marker Stones indicating Sunset at midsummer day, and a menhir (upright stone). It clearly is a site constructed by the megalith buil-ders of Europe when America was a colony of Egypt (2500-1200 BC). The monu-ment tells the story of the Egyptian discovery of America during the Fourth and Fifth Dynasties of the Old Kingdom. The site is dated to the Twelfth Dynasty, c.1900 BC.

De Jonge, R.M., Website: