Monday, March 13, 2006

Hackettstown NJ - from Nancy Wisser

Nancy writes:
I'm sending you some rock pile pictures from a site outside Hackettstown, New Jersey, because it's reminiscent of your Snake Meadow Hill site. It's also along a small stream, and includes rock piles and a low serpentine wall. I was with a group and time was short, so I didn't go find the spring from which the rill came, but I recommend that when possible. Even if there's nothing at the spring, you can bet the builders were aware of where the water issued from the earth and built in relationship to it.

Below, a typical Hackettstown rock pile: lower and larger in diameter than those I've seen in notheast Pennsylvania.
Serpentine wall. I don't have a picture, or can't find it, but I think it ended in a tipped-up rock like a snake's head.
More Hackettstown rock piles. I have more pictures of these.
A formation I'd never seen before: a flat stone surrounded by a circle of smaller stones, with a low wall or row running up the bank to the right. Could be of later origin, but the rocks had been in those positions for some time, as evidenced by the moss and lichens covering them.
Look familiar-ish? This was at a little distance from the rest, if I recall correctly.
Note: this Hackettstown site is right along a highway, and can be seen from a car by a keen and informed eye.


pwax said...

Some comments about different points made:

I agree about hunting down the source of the water.

The little "Serpent" I posted about recently did end in a tipped up triangular head. I was not able to include the head my photo.

Anonymous said...

I live in Hackettstown, NJ, and hike in the area frequently. I was wondering if you could tell me where these rock piles are? I'm a historian and have no other interest other than seeing/photographing them. Thank you.