Sunday, March 19, 2006

Tipped-up Rock

By Geophile

Here is the tipped-up rock that looked like a snake head. It was one end of the low serpentine wall at the Hackettstown site [Click here]. Unfortunately it did not occur to me to photograph or even really look at the other end of the wall at the time. I was still at the stage where I was scouring my brain for other possible explanations for some of the things I was seeing. I was very skeptical about the whole snake/wall concept but took this picture because by gosh, it did kind of look like a snake, didn't it?

At least I was convinced by then of the native origin of the sites. But on this trip, which included pretty many people new to the whole thing, including archaeologists, I heard various theories including: early German settlers belonging to a strange cult, modern druids, and, of course, the classic bored or pagan teenagers.

Maybe it was teenage German druids . . .

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pwax said...

You mean: bored teenage German druids (I almost said ninja).