Thursday, March 30, 2006

In plain sight

This is a link to someone's California (I think) hiking photos, focused on the rock stack/columns that the author and friends came across and built themselves while on the walk. But in the middle of the album is a picture of a real rock pile, they did not even see cuz they were busy photo'ing the moss.
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Anonymous said...

Obviously New Age. I saw similar piles in Sedona, AZ, last summer.

Geophile said...

You mean the one where they call the moss 'lichen'?

Anonymous said...

This is the author of those pictures. How do you define a 'real rock pile'? I suppose you're talking about this picture:

And yes, this is in California, about an hour from San Francisco.

pwax said...

I should have said "ancient rock pile" rather than " real rock pile".