Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Deer Mound (TM)

The Deer Boulder:

Peter W requested some more mound info. I started looking for mound photos in my “field book,” sketchpads with photos, drawings and notes of various sorts.I guess this fits a category; stones on stone (in this case a boulder).

The boulder is low and flat and buried partially so I put dotted lines in below.

There is a fire starter base stone in the foreground with pits in it from use, and a clam shell filled with juniper bark tinder, next to my replica ‘pure’ fire starter. Above it is the Deer Head Stone, another clan shell filled with tobacco next to it resting on a stone with a little recess pecked into it to hold the shell.

If you are wondering about the purpose of the other stone outlined, I can answer that question very quickly: “I don’t know.”

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